Leatherwood ART II 2.5-10X44

It’s the end of August and time to start thinking about the condition of your optics again. Soon the ranges will be filled with hunters sighting in their rifles and struggling to find that sweet point of impact spot for effective down range hits without thinking about sight adjustments. What if you had a scope that would range a target, adjust elevation (bullet drop) and adjust magnification all in one motion.

Help is on the way from a company located in sunny California “Leatherwood/ Hi-Lux”. You have read other blog posts I have on the Uni-Dial scope from this same manufacture, unlike the Uni-Dial that needs individual flags to be set for elevation settings to calibrate a specific cartridge. The ART II series scope will auto adjust elevation and magnification with an interlocking cam system specific to Leatherwood.  Versatility of application on various rifles is where this ART II scope stands out with a built in weaver rail mount that is at home on a M4 flat top or a Model 70 Winchester. With a line of sight that measures 2.5″ above the bore it is a bit high for a bolt action (nothing a cheek pad won’t fix) however it is perfect for looking thru a A2 front sight on any AR15 style rifle. For some scope specifics there is a reticule stabilizer, glass etched no-math mil dot reticule, 1/4 minute click turrents (zero stop adjustable) and crystal clear 44mm objective glass.


The above photo shows the magnification ring attached to the range ring. Viewed from the rear the lower number is scope power and the top number is yardage to a target, note this set-up has you zeroed at 250meters ( aprox. 247 yards). As you turn the dial counterclockwise wise the magnification is increased proportional to the yardage ( in meters) all the way out to 1000meters! Once you determine the cartridge to be used and ballistics are known the manual will provide a calibration number to set the range ring to, this calibration sets down range ballistic drop for your cartridge, no clicking turrents or counting mil dots using mental gymnastics that would have you guiding a cruse missile. If you would like more magnification at  any given range you can simply disengage the magnification ring from the range ring and crank up the power, notice the small thumb screw ahead of the cam ring ( it’s a locking range ring set screw to lock in a range while dialing thru several magnification settings) I never noticed a need for it however it available to lock down if needed.



Mounted on a M4 flat top the optics are set perfect to sight over an A2 front sight. If you have never looked thru a Leatherwood/Hi-Lux optic you owe it to yourself to do so. Read some reviews and decide for yourself but don’t discredit this manufacture before sending some lead down range and seeing how well they are build.




Until next month get out there and put some lead down range.

Right On Dead On All The Time!

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