Send It

This spring warmer temps will have you sneaking out to the range to pop some primers and send it.  After a cold winter shooting season anything above 20 degrees feels like balmy weather. I spent several 4 degree days tuning 300 BlackOut subsonic loads with 180 – 265 grain bullets. Now that’s a bit difficult to keep 300 Blk loads subsonic and sub-moa out to 100 yards during the dead of winter. Challenging? Yes, however, the lessons you learn on case volume fill and powder position in the case will add volumes to your skill on producing accurate and consistent super sonic cartridges of different designs. After shooting minuscule recoil subsonic loads with the 300 BlackOut the hard push of up to 3800 fps feels rather pleasing.


This is a collection of memories of range days spent burning powder and enjoying recoil.








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