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Remington 783 range results – part 3

Remington 783 range test:

With the Leatherwood 4-16×50 Uni-Dial scope locked down and torque along with a quick check to the stock bolts for torque. I tested two powders with the 243 Winchester cartridge one being IMR4064 and the other IMR4831, this barrel did not like the IMR4064 and would throw flyers with each group. IMR4831 proved to be the powder for this barrel with a final charge of 46.5 grains under a 70grain flat base H.P. ( these were unknown maker brand bullets I found around the shop and are light for the fast 9.125 twist barrel). I did find this cartridge stretches quite a bit after two firings and needed trimming along with neck/shoulder annealing. Full length resizing dies proved to be better than just neck sizing the cases and bullets seated -.010″ from the lands settled the groups right in there.
Velocity was measured at 3150fps from this short 20″ carbine barrel and recoil was very minimal. I didn’t test accuracy with factory ammo to verify the claim of sub moa out of the box since a light for twist rate bullet was used, extraction was smooth with one finger to manipulate the bolt along with a very snappy ejection of the spent cartridge.
The importance of this article is to show a $250.00 rifle can shoot sub moa right out of the box with quality optics and good loads. Nothing fancy no jewled bolt, high gloss wood or bluing just good solid accuracy. Five shot groups at 100yards with the cryno set at 10′ from the muzzle, 40 degrees F, cloudy dark day.



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Remington 783 – part 2

Remington 783

Remington 783

This is a follow up on the Remington 783 after the Leatherwood scope was installed. As mentioned in the first post two handloads were picked with IMR 4064 & IMR 4831, The day was windy with 21F  temps I seasoned the bore with a clean and scrub after a three round group. First off the trigger was amazing for a factory job! adjusted to 2LB, 4oz no creep just that breaking glass feel, consistent two shots touching with a flyer seemed to be the norm for IMR4064 with 40grains as a final load.  Switching to IMR 4831 really tightened things up with my last group at 46grains printing a nice clover leaf 1/2″ group, these loads are with 70grain H.P. varmint pills and a quick look at the  Quick Loads program had me loading up some hotter rounds with 4831. I plan to run loads up to 48.5grains to check for pressure and tighter grouping, remember this is a off the shelf factory 243 Winchester chambering with what I found to be a very short throat limiting even getting close to maximum magazine length with the tiny 70 grainers. Once back in the shop the bore was cleaned with Sweets762 copper solvent and after three treatments the barrel was copper free and ready for more rounds at the bench. First impressions of the Remington 783 are good with promising accuracy right away, light felt recoil even with a synthetic stock and a very smooth feel to the action, as for the Leatherwood scope it holds zero, clicks are positive and the range adjustable flags are a big plus!

Nice to see when a budget rifle lives up to the factory claims with out needing to shoot expensive premium ammo. Although all my brass is checked and preped  with a benchrest focus. More range results to come with hopes of some chewed ragged holes.


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