Proposed changes to “ITAR”

Proposed changes to ITAR

The State Department is considering revising the International Traffic in Arms Regulations, called “ITAR”. To read the notice in the June 3 Federal Register   (     announcing their intentions. What this means is they could make it illegal to post or publish any technical data about firearms in the public domain without first getting government permission. This could have a huge negative impact on your favorite gun blogs, websites, forums, magazines, YouTube channels, or any other public domain. Any information relating to firearms/guns would need to have permission from the government before publishing any technical data.

This looks like another anti-gun attempt to revamp the rules and regulations without involvement of Congress. Why should you be concerned? Well you are reading this blog and if passed this site and many related sites would be gone, banned unable to post without government permission. There is something you can do, you can post a public comment until August, 3, 2015 protesting this change. A large enough public outcry stopped the ban on M855 .223 ammo, it can stop this to!

Follow this link to the proposal page and you can post a public comment along with other fellow 2nd amendment right believers.

“ITAR” accepting public comments (!documentDetail;D=DOS-2015-0023-0001)

Below is my public post that I submitted and I encourage you to stand firm and fight for your rights.

“I strongly oppose the recommended changes to  “ITAR Amendment—Revisions to Definitions; Data Transmission and Storage.” As this would put a vast majority of UNITED STATES AMERICAN CITIZENS in violation and subject to prosecution just by posting information on a blog, forum, ect… electronic site. Will the freedom of information act be the next item on your agenda? This will greatly impact the federal revenue (TAXES) you so greatly need as suppliers, manufactures, hobbyist, gun writers, magazine articles, the list go on and on will not be able to interact in a free manner on your so called restricted topics. This will have an impact on purchases of accessories, new innovative products and manufactures of sporting arms (also optics, ammo, gun cases) not being able to advertise products without government approval, I don’t believe that is free enterprise.

Restriction and or removing this type of information from access to UNITED STATES AMERICAN CITIZENS will impact firearms schools training technicians, engineers and developers. Will printed hard copies of books and magazines be next?

The First and Second amendments are still the law and still our rights! Not to be infringed upon! This country was built on fighting for our freedoms, the UNITED STATES are just that UNITED let’s keep it that way. Information is knowledge and knowledge is only advanced by accessing information, locking up the internet based firearm related information is not acceptable by me or other UNITED STATES AMERICAN CITIZENS.”

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