New optics are always an intriging venture. You look at several brands and models all while gazing through the glass dissecting the reticule. Covered turrents or exposed?  You turn knobs determining if the audible clicks are loud (I’m going to say tactile) enough. First or second focal plane? How much magnification is enough? Overwhelmed with choices? Lets take a look at Leatherwood Hi-Lux optics PentaLux series.





If you are like me, I will swap a scope around to several rifles until I find the one that fills the need. This time the need was for a daily varmint shooter 204 Ruger Custom Mauser M98.




Choices have never been greater than now to mull over a new optic. If you haven’t looked through optics from Hi-Lux you are missing out on some quality products!

Hi-luxoptics.com has an Academy page with helpful information to walk you through the decision process.





Right On Dead On All The Time


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