22-284 load data booklet avaliable.

Fresh from the printers a collection of  22-284 Winchester wildcat cartridge load data, cartridge history, test data, collection of information from 1964-2019. Get your signed copy today. Pm me for details.

.224 overbore

Right On Dead On All The Time



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4 responses to “22-284 load data booklet avaliable.

  1. Daniel

    I would like a copy.

  2. Hal Simmons

    I would like a copy of the manual

    • The booklets are $15.00 shipped to the 48 states. Payment by money order, paypal (as gift). Reply with your address and I’ll have it packaged and ready to ship.



  3. Gary Clawson

    Bob: Is it possible to still get one of the 22-284 load data booklets?

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