ATN X-Sight II HD Day/Night Optics

ATN X-Sight II HD Optics;


Every now and then you stumble upon an item you really don’t need. However, the technology interests you and there you are, receiving another package from Fed-Ex. I am looking at the ATN X-Sight II HD 3-14 day/night scope. This is not a conventional scope you are familiar with – as it is 1080P digital. When you look thru the eye piece you are viewing a video image of the field of view. This totally eliminates the need for parallax correction on your part. No need to adjust for varying distance to dial in correction of focus. A link is listed for the manufacture site to show all the features in-depth.


I mounted the X-Sight II on a AR15 and had no trouble with gaining a good clear view of the eye piece video image. The scope is well build and solid. It has focus correction on the eye bell and once set you don’t need to readjust. The objective end has a focus adjustment by means of a small dial on top of the main tube (very handy and out-of-the-way). Moving to the rear on top of the scope are the function key pads and are all-weather proof for those wet hunting trips.


Complete directions for use and function are explained in detail on the web site and I found navigating the menu to access different modes very easy and straight forward. It is a bit heavy at 2.5 lbs, however, you are mounting a mini computer/video/ballistic drop calculator to your rifle. The left side has a rail for mounting a infared illuminating light for those times when additional I.R. is needed. Two covers on the right side are for batteries and micro hdmi/sd card/usb ports.


4 AA batteries power the processor and are sealed with a weather-proof cover (large cover). Ahead of the battery cover are the micro ports. Now for the cool technology stuff! 1080P @ 30 frames per second along with video streaming via wi-fi and geo tracking. Just load the app to your phone or tablet, link to the scope and you have live feed video and capabilities to adjust functions of the optic. Another feature is recoil activated video or continuous video  all with 64Gb of storage.


Want to zero your rifle in one shot? With the ATN X-Sight you can! Use the zero reticule function, put a round down range on target, push enter and now move the cross hair to the point of impact while not moving from point of aim. Push enter and you are zeroed! This scope is more fun than a new Moto X Pure smart phone.  Did I mention the shooting solution system that calculates elevation and windage corrections? Other features are built-in barometric pressure and altitude sensors and you will need to enter current temperature and wind speed. With all external elements and ballistic data for the given cartridge entered the Shooting Solution System will compensate for drop and windage. While viewing an image you can snap a still shot/burst shots or video the hunt. For those surprise game shots there is a recoil activated video function that will record video before and after recoil is detected…..How cool is that?!?

Reticule style is user picked from a variety of shapes along with various colors. When things get dark outside a push of a button switches to night vision. You can pick either black and white or green and white. I purchased the additional 16000mah battery pack that will keep feeding 1.5 volts to the processor for uninterrupted operation for 20+ hours.

Once you purchase an ATN X-Sight optic or any ATN product, I suggest joining the Facebook support page (ATN Smart HD Owners) and Between the two sites any issue you have can be answered in minutes. It will seem a bit overwhelming at first, however, once you digest the info its second nature to use.

In conclusion, this ATN X-Sight II HD optic is a great value for the ability to record video, live stream, use at night and have ballistic calculations done for you. I only wish I had bought one sooner.


Now get out there and own the night with an X-Sight!!



Right On Dead On All The Time



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