January Shot Show in Vegas, Guns Guns and Guns

Wow things have been a blur since November I finally have time to think about all the stuff that happened. After a good marinate venison back strap meal finished off with a good strong espresso I can reflect on the amazing gathering in Las Vegas “The Shot Show”! this was my first time at both the show and Vegas.


With mild weather in the 60’s I was delighted to be out of the low 20’s and snow. Palm trees, Elvis, Elvis and more Elvis wherever I looked, first off a tour of Hoover Dam was in order my wife Kerri and I took the 8 hour tour that included stops at typical tourist sites and lunch at you guessed it a casino. Yes we saw the whole Dam thing (I was tiring of dam jokes too) anyway it’s quite amazing how it was build and our tour started 720′ below grade.

IMAG1145 IMAG1143

With massive turbine generators and spotless clean facilities this site not only provides power but also water to vast desert areas.  After the tour we found a good local place to eat called Ellis Island Casino and enjoyed ice-cold craft beer and great tasting burgers. The next morning started off early with a shuttle ride to the Sands Expo Center  then taking in as much of the 2000+ exhibitors as I could, with 64000 attendees you can about imagine what a sea of people flowed thru isles of vendor booths and yes you can touch, feel, twist knobs and pull the trigger on anything there! A 1911 45ACP dual pistol machined as one ( two barrels one trigger,hammer,slide and darn massive to hold on to) then how about a back pack 50 caliber bull pup rifle! 30″ long, kicks like a 12 gauge and effective to one mile, all this weighing in at 30Lbs

IMAG1165 IMAG1164

Stopping by the Leatherwood Hi-Lux booth was a great time as I met Corbett Leatherwood  and looked over some very nice proto type first focal plane optics that will be available soon. Just before leaving for Vegas I received my PentaLux 4-20×50 scope and since then have mounted it on a 22-284 Wildcat Mauser varmint rifle


This is a view of the new proto type first focal plane Tac V scope

IMAG1158 IMAG1157

Another stop was at the Wolf ammo booth since this shoots so good in the Mosin Nagant I have and a  good source of ammo is always a wise investment wolf-ammo-catalog_600

20151130_142103_001 Looking down the business end of a Nagant that loves to digest wolf Ammo 20151130_141949 Another interesting stop was at the Bluegrass Gun Stocks table, this Nagant is resting in a Special Forces Tactical maple stock with a Rock Solid Industries scope mount and yes a Hi-Lux Uni-Dial 4-16×50 optic. Other exciting stops included the Weatherby 6.5×300 Magnum Accumark rifles and how about a 100 round dual drum magazine for your AR15 weatherby-revamps-mark-v IMAG1229 IMAG1227 IMAG1223_1

I sure enjoyed meeting so many people at the show and connecting with potential business deals. I hope to spend some time at the range testing the PentaLux optic and writing a first hand review.




Right On Dead On All The Time 


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