Ammo Wanted
The title says it all “Ammo Wanted” whether it be 22LR, 223 rem (or Nato what ever your flavor), 22-250 or even hotter 220 swift! Store shelves are somewhat stocking up at exorbitant prices and that fun-loving plinking round that just seems to be more valuable than gold, yes the 22 long rifle.
If you are trying to cope with the pulsating shortages and infrequent supplies to be hoarded, you have already noticed brass, primers, powder and bullets at a scarcity. I reload most everything I shoot and that includes a tiny 25acp! talk about a test of finger dexterity and at 1.3 grains of powder per reloaded round a pound of powder will last a life time. Bring the 300 Weatherby Magnum to the bench and that monster wants 80 grains of a particular powder per reload. Now the powder is going fast so where do you go to purchase components and loaded ammo affordably? You could drive around to local gun shops checking daily for inventory drinking up that fuel at $2.60 a gallon ( for today).
I found a web site search engine that will look everywhere for current in stock availability in “real time”. Weather it be Cor-Bon ammo, Underwood Ammo, or bulk surplus corrosive if you choose they are all listed. So grab a beverage (non alcoholic since you are dealing with ammunition) and check out this link.

I’ll post more when I find the sites that are trusted and not scams (like “Personal Choice Outfitters” major scan site)

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