Bore Cleaning

Bore guide





Rifle barrel cleaning
Bore guides– If you don’t have one get one! Without a good one the cleaning rod could damage the bore, chamber/throat area.
Solvents – I use Sweets 7.62 for copper, Hoppies #9, JB Paste and Kroil.

One Insert bore guide into receiver and chamber.
Two Run one wet patch of Hoppies #9 through the bore and let soak for approximately 30 seconds. Then run a correct bore size brass brush thru the bore (one pass for each round fired) another wet patch of Hoppies then dry patch out the bore.
Three When passing the cleaning rod thru the bore use a folded paper towel and hold it against the muzzle. this way when you feel the jag or brush exit the crown you can guide it out and back in to protect that expensive barrel.
Four Follow the instructions on the bottle fo Sweets 762 solvent and clean until no copper is evident.
Five Use JB Bore paste along with Kroil to remove stubborn deposits and follow-up with JB Bore shine (follow instructions on jar of JB)
Six I follow by applying a patch soaked with LOCK-EEZ This is a graphite powder suspended in a solvent that coats the bore slightly before that first round fired through a dry bore. ( I picked this up at a NAPA auto parts store ). Clean out the chamber with solvent to remove any graphite and lightly coat with kroil if you are not going to shoot until a later date.
I have found this ( Lock-eez ) method to reduce if not eliminate those first round flyers.
Patch colors:
Green = lead
Blue = copper
white = Clean bore

As for cleaning rods I use stainless steel and coated rods. One piece! stay away from the screw together sectioned rods especially aluminum (partials can embed in the rod).

Clean bores and tight groups keep rounds in the X-ring

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