Leatherwood Hi-Lux Uni-Dial optics test/Review

So I went and bought a Uni-Dial 4-16X50, I couldn’t resist the temptation to see for myself what these scopes were like. For starters the 30mm tube and top angle focus make for a beefy looking optic; the reticule is nice with several elevation and windage reference points. As for clarity it is very good edge to edge and with a Second Focal Plane reticule P.O.I. did not shift to any noticeable degree for a hunting optic. I shot at 4X, 8X, 12X, 16X referencing same P.O.A. with rapid shots, all inside a dime at 100yards. Now the resettable elevation zero works great along with the zero set for windage, I shot the “box” and tracking was good with the last shot printing right next to the first shot (my error and a warm barrel threw the last shot).

This is not a Bench Rest optic and once zeroed and flags are set for desired yardage it works excellent! I have not experienced any problems with a loss of zero and for field use it runs out great. Do some reading on SFP reticules and adjusting for clarity and you will love the No Math Mil – Dot system.


Business end of the        4-16x50 Uni-Dial

Business end of the 4-16×50 Uni-Dial

Uni-Dial 4-16x50

Uni-Dial 4-16×50

Mauser M98 chambered in 22-250 Rem.

Mauser M98 chambered in 22-250 Rem.

100 yard zero shift test target

100 yard zero shift test target


I have read other reviews on Leatherwood/Hi-Lux optics and usually the china made fact turns most people away. I first started to try the Leatherwood/Hi-Lux scopes with the CMR 1-4×24 fitted to a M4 platform and performance was Excellent! (Shot Gun News, David Fortier,10, November, 2010). My next purchase was a Uni-Dial 4-16×50 with the 45^ angle Top Focus and Second focal plane this glass was mounted on top of an accurate 22-250 varmint rig. Again I was impressed with tracking, zero hold, clarity and excellent focusing. While looking thru an issue of Shot Gun News (10, March, 2011) again David Fortier runs a piece on a Leatherwood/Hi-Lux 2-7x32mm LER scout scope, he mentions talking to Hi-Luxs president John Wu at Shot Show and was informed of his (Mr. Wu) desire to produce high quality optics. There are several other aspects mentioned of technical improvements along with European optic technology being used in the Leatherwood/Hi-Lux optics.


I am likely to buy a 7-30×50 Uni-Dial scope to complement my 6mm-284 and run it thru some drills. I think this brand of optic will become better known since they are seeing more print in shooting magazines and they are worth putting an eye to one and printing some groups to prove their worth. I wouldn’t criticize these scopes until you have used them in the field as I have and find they are well worth the money.



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